How To Maintain Your Walk-In Cooler

You depend on your walk-in cooler for success. If you have a restaurant, supermarket, or convenience store, a walk-in cooler is essential for your business. You can maintain your cooler with simple steps to avoid the need for commercial walk-in cooler repair. Take these steps each month to keep your cooler operating smoothly.

Maintaining Your Walk-In Cooler

First, be sure to train all your employees to firmly shut the door when the cooler is not being used. Propping the door open can place a burden on the cooling unit. Make as few trips in and out as possible to extend the life of your cooler.

Be sure that the lights turn off when the door is closed. You can check this by looking at the pilot light on the outside of the cooler. If lights stay on, they produce heat that can throw the cooling system off and run up your utility bills.

If you have an outside condensing unit, it’s important to maximize the airflow around the unit. Do not block airflow with trash, weeds, or other items. This could cause a shutdown and possibly expensive losses.

It’s important to clean the coils and evaporator at least twice a year. You also need to clean the fan blades to prevent slower speeds. Inspect the gaskets for wear and tear, because they can allow warm air inside. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, you can ask the professionals at Ice Machine Repair Brooklyn for help.

At least once a year, it’s a good idea to inspect all electrical connections. Frayed wires can cause your cooler to lose energy and cooling ability. It’s also necessary to check suction lines and door sweeps for decay or damage and replace them as needed. Inspect the gaskets and lubricate the door hinges at least once a year as well. These inspections will ensure that your cooler is operating according to code.

Cleaning Your Walk-In Cooler

Simple soap and water are all you need to clean your walk-in cooler. Avoid harsh detergents, which can damage the finish on the metal. You’ll need to focus on cleaning the door most often, since that is the most likely place for bacteria or mold to develop. Regularly use a broom and mop to keep the floor clean.

During your checkups, use soap, water, and a stiff brush to clean the coils and evaporator. Once a year, call the pros to clean out the drain lines.

Commercial Walk-In Cooler Repair

Even if you maintain your cooler well, you can run into problems. It’s common for the thermostat to need recalibration or for the components to need a professional cleaning. Don’t wait to call Ice Machine Repair Brooklyn if your walk-in cooler isn’t operating at full capacity. We offer quality customer service and repairs for all types of walk-in coolers. For the best commercial walk-in cooler repair, call us at 646-386-2119.

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