What To Do When Your Ice Maker Breaks Down

You need your ice machine to work well to keep your business running without a hitch. However, if your ice maker happens to break down, you can take a few steps on your own before calling for ice maker repair service. In addition, we’ll also tell you what to do if you can’t fix the problem yourself.

Check the Water Flow

When water isn’t flowing, your ice maker won’t work properly. You’ll need to check to make sure the water is flowing right. First, turn the ice maker off and wait one minute. Then turn the machine back on. If the water doesn’t begin flowing right away, you may need to call for help. You could also experience problems if the water pressure is not set to the right level. At Ice Machine Repair Brooklyn, we can help you correct any water flow issues with your ice maker.

Inspect the Feeler Arm

The feeler arm advances ice into the collection tray. If the feeler arm is not in the correct position, the ice maker will stop producing ice. Also, ensure that the feeler arm is where it needs to be according to the manufacturer’s instructions. As a result of resetting the feeler arm, you should be able to fix the problem on your own. If your machine still does not dispense ice correctly, try another step below.

Defrost Your Ice Maker

All freezers must be defrosted on a regular basis to work properly. Because of this, if it’s been several months since you defrosted your ice maker, try that before calling us for help. This simple step will take several hours to complete but may help your ice maker operate without problems. However, if you still have issues after a defrost cycle, be sure to call us for ice maker repair service.

Look at Ice Quantity

Do you have less ice in your collection tray than normal? There could be a problem within the ice maker that you cannot correct yourself. Assess the ice quantity over time, and if you see a problem, you’ll need to call Ice Machine Repair Brooklyn for assistance.

Adjust the Thermostat

The right setting on the ice maker’s thermostat is essential for ice production. If it is set too low, the water could freeze before it can be turned into ice. As a result, this could lead to further breakdowns and more extensive repairs. In addition, if you need a new thermostat, we can help you through our ice maker repair service.

Look for Leaks

You can experience dangerous or even life-threatening problems if you have leaks near your ice maker. Because of this, try to find the source of the leak, which could be located from water pipes or the ice maker itself. It’s also crucial that you address the leak as soon as possible to prevent injury.

Call the Pros for Help

Once you have checked out all of these ice maker problems, you may be able to resolve them yourself. However, if you can’t reach a solution on your own, give us a call at Ice Machine Repair Brooklyn. You can reach us at 646-386-2119.

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